Company Info

Mission Statement:

Summer Solutions is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization committed to providing quality educational programs that will support the academic and social development of elementary aged students. Our programs include Pro-Active Summer Camp, which is designed to reinforce character education through sports, and a Student Development Program, which is a bundle of services that promote organization and academic optimism in young children. It is the priority of Summer Solutions to fund scholarship opportunities that will make our programs accessible to a diverse group of students from every economic and cultural background.

Vision Statement:

In hiring only the most dedicated and passionate professionals to work with our students, Summer Solutions will become the premier summer camp and academic support option for parents. We plan to continue to implement our research-based, best practices in education into our programs to aid in the academic and social growth of elementary aged students all over the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. Through our fundraising events, grant-writing initiatives, and our active pursuit of support at the federal and state levels, we aim to grow as a support system for families who are in desperate need of our services in order to meet the educational challenges of their children.