General Info

Pro-Active Summer Camp is designed to promote character education through sports. We understand the role that character education plays in student academic and social growth and we know that there is much to be gained through experiences in sports. Campers at Pro-Active discover the strength in teamwork, the power of encouragement, and the responsibility of leadership. Counselors reinforce important values through sports and recreation and the campers soon realize their teams potential when strategy meets cooperation. Pro-Active Summer Camp provides the perfect, healthy atmosphere for your child to learn and play under the care and supervision of positive role models who share your very same values. We use a comprehensive approach to provide a truly worthwhile and fun-filled summer camp experience that your children will love and that you will feel confident in sending them to. Invest in your child today.

“We provide a safe, healthy, and fun environment for kids to be kids, while reinforcing key values and building everlasting friendships.”

A Day At Camp

The program places heavy emphasis on the concepts of “Teamwork, Encouragement, and Leadership” and our day begins with a 30-minute lesson on a specific theme related to character education. Counselors incorporate personal stories, relevant video clips from the sports world, and even guest speakers to discuss how specific values learned from sports has impacted their lives. Campers and counselors talk about the positive effects of practicing good character and how they might utilize the specific theme to support their team goals.

The rest of the day is spent playing a variety of team sports, while mixing in some other games and team-building exercises. Campers are broken into teams and are involved in a four-week long Olympic-style competition. We have developed a point system that emphasizes encouragement, sportsmanship, and teamwork so that campers can realize the true meaning of sport. Campers make a conscious effort to play fair, be courteous, and work together to win with humility and to lose with grace.

The camp activities are widespread to accommodate the different strengths of our campers. As teachers, we realize the pressures that children have to contribute in a group setting and we have designed our program in a way that allows students with all interests to take leadership roles. Daily activities include kickball, capture the flag, board games, ultraball, flag football, trivia games, wiffleball, soccer, team Pictionary, and more.

Each Friday of our program offers a break from competition and an opportunity for campers to set out with their new friends and counselors to one of our areas exciting attractions on a field trip. Our camp travels to major amusement parks and water parks such as Hershey Park, Busch Gardens, Massanutten Resort, Splashdown, Six Flags, Water Country USA, Great Waves Water Park, and King’s Dominion. The camp will culminate with an awards ceremony where parents are invited to join us for pizza and the presentation of the gold medals, as well as the prestigious sportsmanship and leadership awards.