General Info

Organizational Study Groups

The organizational study group program is designed to offer parents a low-cost option for keeping students on track with their academic responsibilities each week. Groups of 3-5 students meet for an hour on a weekly basis with their “advisors” to learn and apply organizational tools that will facilitate educational growth and responsibility, while leading to increased academic optimism. They will learn and practice strategies to improve their organization, test preparation, time management, and study skills. The reinforcement of these research based strategies has proven to have a positive and lasting impact on academic achievement.


Our tutoring service provides focused instruction from highly-accredited FCPS teachers on a flexible schedule to meet your needs. Teachers will support academic growth through remediation and enrichment after assessing areas of need through a free direct consultation.

Youth Mentoring

Youth mentoring services are available to provide students with a positive influence that will foster social and behavioral maturity. Our mentors are FCPS teachers that are skilled at building meaningful relationships with their students to motivate and inspire personal success. We will provide a free direct consultation that will help us assess the student needs and begin the essential goal setting process.